My Introduction to Pope John Paul II

I was only 14 years old when I became aware of John Paul II. I remember great excitement on the day he became Pope October 22, 1978. This day marks my incredible journey following this man, who in my lifetime is the greatest man that ever lived! Just short of a year later September 1979, Pope John Paul II visited Ireland which was to mark his Papacy as the most travelled Pope in history. Along with huge crowds our family were part of the congregation which greeted the Pope in Dublin’s Phoenix Park where Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass. It was a very proud moment too for my beloved late father PJ O’Sullivan ! My father was the exact same age as Pope John Paul (May 18th 1920). Indeed my father in a light hearted fashion joked with his family that there was a mix-up and that he should be in the Vatican. The Pope showed his love for young people, when he celebrated Mass in County Galway and famously declared “Young people of Ireland… I love you !

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