His Favourite Song-Barka

This beautiful song has caused me to ponder on why it was his favourite song ? The words are simple, the message is profound. It calls us to follow Christ !

O Lord ! It is you who gazed upon me

Your lips have spoken my name

Now I leave my boat on the shore

From today on I will be your fisherman

I have read accounts from people who were closest to Pope John Paul II. They recall that he was at heart a simple man. This song/hymn reflects this. On one level he was cerebral, a deep thinker, poet, writer (who wrote numerous encyclicals). But then, there was this other side to him ! A human being, with characteristics like us all, who had a common touch and someone who could connect with anyone ! But what set him apart from everyone else was His Holiness, Purity and Prayerfulness !

In conclusion, I think it is beautiful that such a learned man was so moved by this beautiful song Barka. In essence if you listen to the words, it tells us and reminds us that Pope John Paul II lived his life as the Greatest Follower of Christ that I know.

Until next time !

Lizanne Oberste

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