Next August 2020, will mark the 40th anniversary of my trip to Rome where I got to meet Pope John Paul. I am reflecting on his message to young people back in 1980 and conclude that it is now more relevant than ever before !! Though, technology can be positive it has developed at such alarming speed….and there are pitfalls. My concern lies with young people and the insidious grip that technology has over them. It manifests in their addiction to their phones, in over use of social media platforms which only feeds narcissistic traits and ultimately disconnects young people from human interaction and also their immediate environment. Here I am blogging and using various platforms to communicate with you!! It is the easy accessibility of Smart phones etc. to young children and teenagers that worries me most. Their brains are still growing and absorbing the bombardment of countless images, information and many mixed messages on social media platforms !

This footage above showcases the strong message that Pope John Paul II delivered at his World Youth Day Rallies. I believe, that young people today, should learn of his message that I so enjoyed hearing when I was a young teenager.

Allow me to end by quoting from an address Pope John Paul gave at the 12th World Youth Day Rally:

“Dear young people, like the first disciples, follow Jesus! Do not be afraid to draw near to him, to cross the threshold of his dwelling, to speak with him, face to face, as you talk with a friend (cf. Ex 33:11). Do not be afraid of the “new life” he is offering. He himself makes it possible for you to receive that life and practise it, with the help of his grace and the gift of his Spirit.”

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